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Tuesday, December 1, 2009
♥ 10:38 PM

moved to http://cowklate89.livejournal.com/

not gnna update this anymore (: sooo, pls go to my livejournal to read! THANKS ppl
love you guys.

Sunday, October 11, 2009
♥ 10:15 AM

LIFE IS NO DRAMA. there is no rewind button.

I promise I am going to put an end to this, I am not going to let us go.

I am sorry.


Sunday, September 13, 2009
♥ 7:38 AM

Days pass us by quickly.

I went on retail therapy with girlfriends this weekend! Thanks to them if not my melbie uni days would be so gloomy and booooring! :) I LOVE SUPREE TTM.

Fashion wise, i like the way melbournians dress. There are a lot of layerings and legging involved. The best part is that their legging is amazing. They have denim-like legging in so many varieties! So when you wear them, it will be your perfect skinny jeans. People will never know you wear legging from far.

And.... they have shorts and skirts in a stretchy kind of material so we could wear it the way we want. higher or lower, up to you.

I am gonna watch FLO-RIDA this monday. be jealous! HAHAHA.


I miss everyone back home. Wish you all well :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009
♥ 12:23 AM

I would like to thank everyone that wished me :) Thanks guys, I was very very touched.

Thanks to Elise, Jess, Cyn, Syl and everyone in castle green! for the birthday surprise via skype. HAHA. i was like "wow! they remembered" u guys even bought me a cake! omg thankssss

Thanks my uni friends, Qijun, Gwyen, Crystal, Peggy, Jocelyn and Deon for celebrating my birthday :) i thought i would spend it alone this year! hahaha i am such a lucky girl to have friends like u guys in melbie!! HUGS

and... thanks Dearie for the flower! i dont like it. I LOVE IT! :)
you always know how to surprise me haha. i love you. xoxo

Mum, thanks!! :)

i love you guys. thanks for making my 20th birthday such a wonderful one.

PS. this is random but inglorious basterds is a gross yet funny movie. weird i know.

I am me.
Sunday, August 23, 2009
♥ 12:08 AM

I am grateful for having great friends around me. Thanks everyone :)

Thanks Ken for putting my feelings into words, for "looking through" me and for encouraging me.
"someone's language and speech may be influenced easily but someone's character takes years to change"

Thanks Lin ser & Rui yu for making me laugh today. Haha. although we are miles away, you guys never fail to cheer me up.
Thanks Elise who has always been there for me.

tell me.
I am still me. the old strong, confident, cheerful, "take it easy" Helga.

Saturday, August 22, 2009
♥ 9:25 PM

Since when are you so insecure.
where did that confidence go?

My dream
Thursday, August 20, 2009
♥ 12:28 PM

I wanna fly away
to a place somewhere only i know.

I wanna wake up
to a new life everyday.

I wanna live free
without have to worry about anything.

new blank sheet
♥ 12:24 PM

Back to blogspot. i'm so sorry i didnt add any tag boards in my wordpress blog. i meant to do it but didn't have the time to do it. read: lazy. LOL.

so yah i will take that blog down and stick to this :)
may be it feels easier to run away with a new blog when you face an obstacle in your life. it's like you got a chance to start all over again with a new blank sheet.

♥ 12:23 PM

Sometimes we wonder how life would be
if we did it differently.
Now that the wheel is turning,
we ask ourselves.

Sometimes we are so lost
we couldn’t even see our old selves.
How did we get ourselves into this?
How did we end up here?
None to blame.

People made mistakes.
But too many mistakes
dry one’s soul.

Sometimes we wonder,
why did we let the wheels turn fast,
out of control.
Are we scared that we would miss it
if we let it go for a second.

May be,
too many things happen
too little time to think.
May be that’s why people stop thinking. (read: brain)

All the lost souls
♥ 12:21 PM

I am looking down
at my little hidden soul.
They said yes
so does it mean yes.
We know deep down
we were one.
Never gonna turn it back,
never gonna get it back.
There were too many what-ifs,
we didn’t know which one to choose.
Therefore we drifted.

the lady

sassy, smart and trendy
Your girl-next-door
loves good food and sleeping
14 July 2009 <3

Dearie :) Family & friends. Miu Miu! CHANEL Dior fragrances O.P.I Estee lauder
wish list
Christian Louboutins New dress! found my MR. RIGHT


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